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Thursday, ▓the 66-hectare village had received 14,268 ath▓letes and officials from 204 countries and regions. "Thanks to the efforts by the village's service team, we have received 49 compliment letters and no complaints," said Deng Yaping, the famed Olympic table tennis champion and deputy vil▓lage head.The village's main dining hall received 18,634 diners on

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history. We served all the guests well during the peak hours," she said.Among the numerous choices, Beijing roast duck was the most popular among the "villager▓s," Deng said. "We offered 300 ducks every day at the beginning, but now we raised the number to 600 to meet demand."The village re▓ceived 62 state leaders and royals, the largest amount ever. The guests included French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, Jap▓anese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda and Australian Prime Minis▓ter Kevin Rudd.International Olympic Committee P▓resident Jacques Rogge, who lived in the village for three▓ days, called the facility the "best" Olympic village in▓ history.Due to its environmentally-friendly design,▓ the village on Wednesday received the Leadershi▓p in Energy and Environmental Design

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the village could serve as a future▓ prototype for energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly design.The hot water used in 42 apartment buildings comes from a 6,000-square-meter solar heating system, which saves ▓more than 5 million kwh of electricity a▓nnually.The village also includes a near-zero energ▓y building that generates 80 percent of its power, heating and cooling through renewable sources such as solar cells and geothermal heat pumps.The ▓service team had also done well in the 13-d▓ay ceremony in welcoming checking-in delegations from 204 countries and regions, Deng said.T▓he staff started practicing at 5 a.m. every day in ▓an effort to make sure the flag-raising ceremony for eac▓h delegation was operated without error. "F▓inally, they really made it," Deng said. "We made no error at all in those ceremonies." It was the first time no errors were made."It's been quite a challenge for us, we have to get to know everybody's living habits, lifestyle, religions, cultural background